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Learn brainstorming techniques and get creativity training
in our online innovation workshop series

On Demand: Watch training presentation video at your own convenience. Each workshop lasts 1-1.5 hours.

Online from your own computer. You will be emailed a link to access the webinar series.

• Tools and learning to be a better brainstormer, facilitator, and manager
• Numerous ideas for the topic you choose
• Activities to create questions, generate ideas, and use a toolset of techniques and strategies for creative thinking.

All training materials used in the webinar
• Audio of additional training and brainstorming sessions
Brainstorm Report with hundreds of ideas on "Building a culture of innovation within your organization"
• Innovation Step-by-Step eBook

$497 per Participant, or
$2,497 per Group (up to 10 people from one organization)
for all sessions

Ready to Start or Questions?

Want On-site Events?
To bring our training and facilitation to your organization, please E-mail
Dr. Darin Eich, Ph. D.

Your Facilitator & Trainer:

Darin Eich, Ph. D.
President, BrainReactions

Dr. Darin Eich has a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Darin is an innovation and leadership program facilitator and researcher. His experience and research from hundreds of innovation sessions and programs contributes the key elements of the processes taught by BrainReactions. He is known nationally for his high-energy, entertaining workshops and speeches that enhance leadership development and creativity. Darin has helped many organizations enhance their own innovation, idea generation, product development and marketing efforts. From Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofits to universities and start-up entrepreneurs, Darin's systems and activities have proven effective for a variety of industries and challenges.

The "How To" of Expert Brainstorming: Techniques & Activities for generating ideas with individuals & groups

Do you have a best practice system of activities for brainstorming on your own and with others so that you can continually generate ideas and solutions?

Do you contribute to a sustainable culture of innovation and facilitate collaboration so that others may generate ideas for new products, services, marketing, and organizational improvement?

Create new products, services, marketing campaigns and innovate your organization with brainstorming! Learn how to develop and facilitate brainstorming sessions and events that will generate hope & enthusiasm amongst your colleagues and create new innovations!

• Get brainstorming systems and activities to apply to your organization right away
• Use BrainReactions' idea-generation process developed from training professional brainstormers and conducting hundreds of innovation sessions

BrainReactions has worked with the most innovative companies in the world. We learned from their methods of idea generation, but we have also developed our own toolset that increases brainstormer productivity by 200-300%!

Four Part Online Workshop Overview

Part 1. Structure and Strategy for Brainstorming: Brainstorming should be based on a sound process with catalyzing questions that address challenges you have. This workshop will guide you through activities to set up your own brainstorming program. We will provide you with a simple step-by-step system of activities to use for your own challenge and show you examples of products and organizational programs developed from this process.

• Gain a simple and systematic process for structuring your brainstorming strategy.
• Formulate organized questions to generate more ideas.

Part 2. Individual techniques and tools for brainstorming: Break out of ruts, generate more ideas, or think in new directions with ideation tools and techniques for individual brainstormers.

• Applying individual idea generating tools & techniques
• Facilitating group idea generating tools & techniques
• Training brainstormers in using thinking tools

Part 3. Facilitating brainstorming with groups: Enable your team of brainstormers to generate hundreds of ideas per hour and zero in on the best concepts to develop further. Learn how to bring the best team of thinkers to the table.

• How to prepare for the brainstorming session
• How to stimulate new ideas
• How to select the best brainstormers
• How to engage the group in idea analysis and synthesis

Part 4. The role of brainstorming in sustaining an organizational culture of innovation:
How can brainstorming in individuals and groups be catalyzed and sustained in an organization so that it contributes positively to the culture of innovation the organization is seeking?

• Implementing ongoing brainstorming initiatives
• Launching brainstorming events
• Assessing and engaging employees

KEY TAKE-AWAYS of past participants:

At the end of previous training sessions, we have asked participants what were their key take-aways. Here's what we heard back from some of the participants:
Jim S., Matrix Consulting: "Nurturing a culture within the company... there were good ideas on that. New tools and vocabulary was useful. Came up with a bunch of ideas. Will make a business plan to move things forward."
Roshni C., American Family: "Good set of tools to be used at a small scale (doesn't need too much planning). Importance of quantity."
Bruno M., Pacific Cycle: "Good to target exactly the question I had in mind. Begin a process of brainstorming and creating teams for implementing the culture."
Neil L., UW SBDC Director: "How to stimulate innovation but then get out of the way. Make time for all the employees to talk to customers more on a personal basis."
Dr. Chris K., Dentist: "An old idea came back to get used in a new light. Next step is to move that idea forward."

HOSTED BY BrainReactions

BrainReactions helps companies and individuals innovate new products, services and marketing concepts by teaching research-based innovation techniques that systematically increase new product innovation and improve sales of existing products, even in a recession!

BrainReactions also uses its proven methodology to train and select idea generators for professional brainstorming. In addition, BrainReactions is known for creating Innovation Trip, a week-long program that teaches idea generation as an integral part of the innovation process. Innovation Trip was identified as an innovation learning trend by BusinessWeek.

Clients: Industries include banking and financial services, automotive, consumer products and services, software, non-profits, and small businesses, for example: Inventables, United Nations, Intuit, Pitney Bowes, Procter & Gamble, Bank of America, Council on Competitiveness, etc.